Pickles striking a pose


My name is Pickles McConchie. I’m an 18 year old Art Deco and camera loving Terrier from Scotland, currently living out my retirement in Devon. I like to travel the country with my bitch and pose in front of art deco factories and industrial buildings from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, as well as other twentieth century architectural gems.

Although I have recently been made an honourary member of the Twentieth Century Society, I don’t make any claim to be an authority on the buildings featured on the site (I’m only a dog after all) but I do try to put details up that are as accurate as possible – I always welcome any comments and extra info. Mostly, I hope you enjoy my pictures!


Photos, modelling, art deco, modernism, architecture, squirrel hunting, rabbits, football, frisbee, hanging out with the lads at the pub, mooching on the sofa, cheese, squeaky toys.

I don’t like many other dogs and young children give me the fear. Also, please don’t mock my lack of tail or I’ll get ya.


I’ve got white hair, which is natural (I don’t bleach it or anything), but if you look closely I’ve got ginger roots. I also like to style my own hair throughout the day, my favourite styles being from the 80s. I particularly like to wear a new wave asymmetric fringe or a footballers perm.

Getting old

(Ah, poor me, here’s my sob story now…!) As I’m getting older I’m needing to visit the vet a bit more often, my cataracts is beginning to get the better of me, and my hearing isn’t what it used to be either. Also, my occasional paranoia, my ability to get into scraps and my tendency to run off after rabbits, means I’m an “accident waiting to happen”! I’m uninsurable due to my traffic accident about 9 years ago, which resulted in my tail being removed and left me with a jippy hip. For this reason I’m going to try to make a wee bit of money from the site in order to start to cover my vet bills. I hope you don’t mind but over time I’m going to be adding links to products (mainly books) that I think are pretty fab if you’re into dogs or Deco, and I even hope to create a shop one day.