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This page was called Sheds Etc., but I was getting a bit of a slating (from certain parties in the Sheffield area who shall remain anonymous) that I wasn’t displaying any sheds here, so I’ve changed it to a more appropriate title, as I shall be adding various art deco odds and sods I come across when I’m out and about. I hope you enjoy…

Falkirk Wheel

OK, not Deco or even 20th century (it opened in 2002), but the Falkirk Wheel is an amazing piece of engineering and I’m sure you will all appreciate a piccie of it.

Pickles and Falkirk Wheel
Falkirk Wheel

Old Ambulance Building, Falmouth, Cornwall

Don’t know anything about this building I’m afraid, but I couldn’t resist taking a snap on a recent visit to Falmouth. It’s on Quarry Hill and it looks like it might need underpinning soon, that’s all I know. Any more info welcome!

Pickles by old ambulance building

Glasgow Botanic Gardens Railway Station

I know this isn’t deco, but it’s such a cool derelict building, and one I’m forever passing when I’m in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow, so I thought I’d pop it up here for you to see. The station was closed in 1939, and you can read lots about its history on the web. For a good idea of what the entrance looked like originally you should look at The Glasgow Story site.

Botanic Gardens Station













Maria Grey substation

This mini substation in Twickenham is pretty cool, so I thought I’d strike a pose, even though it’s surrounded by a building site – they may even be planning to knock it down, so this may be your only chance to see it…

North Hyde electricity substation

This is in Hayes, on Hyde Rd, round the corner from the Nestle factory. Its a very good looking building and well worth a visit, but for obvious reasons it’s got rather ugly security fencing around it, which makes it very hard to get a decent photo of it – hence it’s been relegated to the odds and sods section…


Deco door

I was hanging out with friends the other day, and I thought the door to their 1930s block of flats was very nice and worthy of a photo or two.

anyone home??
anyone home? ...
... of course they are - no one would miss an opportunity to hang out with Mr.P McC!
... of course they are - no one would miss an opportunity to hang out with Mr.P McC!

At my local

I was at my regular local haunt the other day, and  I thought you might like to see the great bar they’ve got there. Although it’s new it has got a lovely art deco style about it.

by the bar at The Left Bank
at the bar

I love this place – The Left Bank in Glasgow. I’m reliably told, by my human chums who get to sample the whole menu, that the food is delicious and they always give me a bowl of water, and the occasional sneaky sausage!

Electricity sub-station

My local electricity sub-station. Isn’t it lovely!

Pickles outside electricity substation Park area

Pickles outside electricity substation Park area

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