My last Botanic’s photo and rant


Botanic Gardens Garage on Vinicombe Lane

Vinicombe Lane – side/rear elevation of Botanic Gardens Garage.

The current plans, about to be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Keppie Design, include the demolition of this rear part of this early 20th century Garage, which makes me very sad as it is an integral part of this important historic building. Now I’m all for progress and innovative design, but it does make me wonder, what is the point of category A listing a building if you can still knock half of it down.  By applying this standard part of Edinburgh Castle (you know, just a part that you can’t really see unless you’re actually in the grounds) could be knocked down in order to create some modern duplex apartments.  Or maybe I could knock down the back of my home in Park Circus and create a modern glass conservatory and luxury dog kennel….  Grrrrr.

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