Gillette Factory, Brentford

Gillette Factory, Gillette Corner, Brentford – Sir Banister Fletcher – 1936

Pickles at Gillette Corner
Pickles at Gillette Corner

This is was the last factory on the Great West Road, “Golden Mile”, to be occupied by the original company it was built for. Built for Gillette, the razor manufacturer, the design of the building frontage is said to resemble a razor. Sadly, Gillette finally stopped production in 2006 and moved out in 2007.

Pickles at Gillette Clock Tower
Pickles at Gillette Clock Tower
Pickles at Gillette Clock Tower
Pickles at Gillette Clock Tower

You can view the Bonnington redevelopment plans for the Gillette Factory site at:  (let me know what you think!)


  1. Pat Reynolds-Bathish says

    What about the Kelly Pickle Factory, Gillett, Wisconsin? Any pictures? Any history? My family connection was Wm Kelly and John W. Reynolds. Paul Kelly thinks my Wm Kelly may not be the same Wm. Kelly as his grandfather who came from Ohio. I am not sure if he is correct. My mother said that John W. was the president of the Kelly Pickle Factory at one time. I know that he was the Oconto County Sheriff around 1920 (verified), but have no verification that he was the president of the KPF. Have been researching this info for four yrs. Any pictures, info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. P Casling says

    This is the Gillette factory, Brentford, Middlesex, England. Makers of Razor blades, so nothing to do with Kelly’s in Wisconsin!
    It always seemed strange that the factory was not built actually on the Great West Road, but when you head towards London on that road, from Henly’s roundabout, it becomes clear, You can see the tower from about three miles away, dead ahead! The Great West Road is not straight, so when you get to the junction where the factory is, it’s to the left of you.

  3. Anonymous says

    A note of interest on this area is that less than half a mile north of the Gillette factory was the home of Centaurs Rugby Football Club that had a grandstand which was one of the most stunning examples (in my view) of modernist architecture in a sporting environment in London. It was in a very sorry state the last time i was in the area (i’m presuming it is still standing) but i remember how it was in better times and it’s worth a search on the internet to find photos of this once magnificent structure.

  4. doganddeco says

    I know where you mean, Anonymous – on your left when driving north? I’ll stop by there when I’m next in the area.


    Mr P

  5. G says

    Hi Mr P. The old Centaurs ground is on right if driving north (towards Greenford) on Syon Lane (B454) past the Tesco store. The stand is well worth a look (if it’s still standing of course!).

  6. says

    Models & artists’ impressions can be very deceptive (e.g. Holford’s Paternoster Square) but I feel quite comfortable with this one. Especially as I had read somewhere that a soccer outfit had its beady eyes on the development potential of this prestigious site.
    So, fingers crossed.
    Incidentally, as a moody teenager I was always pleased to see Western Avenue after a break in Devon or Wight. Nearly home! From HK

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