Natwest bank, Gillette Corner

Just a quickie today…

Natwest Bank, Gillette Corner, Brentford –  architect tbc (possibly Sir Banister Fletcher ?) – date tbc (possibly 1936?) – I’ll keep you posted once I’ve done some rrrresearch.  

**Update: For now have a read of the 2nd comment below…**

Natwest Bank, Gillette Corner


  1. Barney says

    This building is listed in a book i own “recent english architecture 1920-1940″, published by country life. In it they list the architect as W F C Holden. It was built by the National Provincial Bank. Holden was by all accounts their chief architect having done several other commisoins for them. I don’t think he is related to charles Holden of the underground stations. The name is probably just a coincedence. Hope this is of some interest to you.
    By the way, you should try and get a copy of that book. I reckon it would be right up your street!!

    • doganddeco says

      Barney – Thank you so much that’s great info! I’ll certainly try and get my paws on that book.

      Mr.P 😉

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