1. P Casling says

    My mum used to work at Pyrene during the 1950’s. At the top of the tower as in your photo here. She says that the press room (pressing metal) was below, and the floor of her office used to get so hot in the summer their chairs and shoes used to stick to the melting lino!
    I too remember it in the 1960’s, especially at Christmas, when Pyrene, along with Firestone’s and Gillette’s used to be fronted with dozens of illuminated Christmas trees. It was a wonderful sight for a child of my age back then.

  2. doganddeco says

    Heehee! Maybe the press room was accessed (in one way at least) from under the steps where I’m standing. I’ve always wondered what was under the stairs as there is a little door just about the right size for a hobbit!
    I wonder if Bonningtons are going to keep up the tradition of the Christmas trees along the Gillette factory?

  3. says

    I was employed at this building in 1954/1955, in the research laboratory. It was where I did my first serious photgraphic processing. On occasional lunchtimes I was allowed to sit on the parapet adjoining the entrance staircase and simply observe the traffic going back and forth on the Great West Road. An interesting time, the star of which was always the passing by of the new Jaguar Mk VII, the real prototype of decades of streamlined Jaguar models that still lead the market in that style of sleek and powerful luxury car, even today.

  4. Debbie Dewar says

    some great christmas storys do any of you have photos to share please i would love to re see that Christmas magic i remember it well

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