Simmonds Aerocessories

Simmonds Aerocessories, Great West Road, Brentford – Wallis, Gilbert & Partners – 1937

Simmonds Aerocessories side entrance

They used to manufacture parts and patent devices for military aircraft until 1947.  In 1955 the building was taken over as headquarters for Beecham Group Ltd, which now as GlaxoSmithKline has its HQ across the road in new purpose-built complex. The Simmonds Aerocessories factory has recently been developed into executive apartments by Barrett (which explains the blimmin’ banners spoiling my shots below) and has been renamed Wallis House.

Simmonds Aerocessories

At the top of the main entrance tower is a sculpture of an angel / airman by Eric Gill who designed created the famous sculpture of Prospero and Ariel on BBC Broadcasting House and the typeface Gill Sans. Unfortunately, for the best view I’d need to get on top of the M4 flyover, which is right in front of the building, but you can see a good photo of it on the Art of the State website.

Simmonds Aerocessories railing


  1. P Casling says

    BOAC (the state airline as was) took over this site after Simmonds, and stayed until they moved to London Airport as it was called at the time. (now Heathrow).

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