The Hoover Building

Hoover factory, Western Ave, Perivale – Wallis, Gilbert & Partners – 1931-38

The best building in world ever – the Art Deco factory fan’s Mecca – no more words necessary. Enjoy…


  1. Rudi says

    Simply gorgeous. This is also my favouritest building in the whole world. Even though I wasn’t born my chef and personal trainer often tells me of the first time he saw it in the flesh on a trip daan saaf- it was dark and lit in green and it took his breath away apparently. Maybe one day we should go there in the moonlight…..?

  2. doganddeco says

    OK Rudi, I’m happy to do a night shoot with you here one day, but you’d better not get too close to me with your youthful feminine wiles… be warned… gggggrrrr….


  3. MJ says

    what a great picture. Hercules Poirot solved a crime in that same factory, though it manufactured meat pies for the episode sake. Can you still smell it, Mr. P.?
    MJ from Barcelona

    • doganddeco says

      Hi MJ –
      I’m afraid it smell more like a Tescos these days, but if you get close to the bakery section you can still get a faint whiff of pies!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Mr P

  4. says

    Looking forward to some more of your fabulous pics. I’m following you on Twitter, and have put a link to your great blog on my Art Deco Dogs page on my website. You might enjoy it! Cheers. Lesley

  5. Roger Rettig says

    Lovely photographs! The Hoover Building is one of my two favourite edifices in the world (London’s Natural History Museum is the other). I’ve emigrated to the USA now so I don’t see it any more, but it still evokes the Emerald City in my mind’s eye…..

    There’s nothing to compare with it anywhere in Florida!

    • doganddeco says

      Thanks Roger. Glad we can help with the memories of Blighty! You do have more than your fair share of fantastic Deco buildings over in the States, but I agree I’m yet to find a more evocative one than the Hoover Building.

      Mr P

  6. Roger Rettig says

    Hi, D&D!

    Well, of course there are some art deco beauties in the US, but the Chrysler (for example) is a jewel in the setting that is New York City – with Grand Central Station only a block or so away, and a horizon with the Woolworth and the Empire State in evidence, it competes for its own place.

    The Hoover rises above a lacklustre trading estate and rows of 1930s terraced housing – its prosaic surroundings lend it a magical air.

    The City of Oz is on the Western Avenue!

    How’s the dog, by the way? A very cooperative canine, if I may say so!

    • doganddeco says

      Hi Roger,
      It has to be said that West London with its new arterial roads certainly got more than its fair share of Art Deco factory gems, but there is something really very special about the Hoover Building.
      I’ve actually been a bit “off parr” for the last few months – I’m getting quite old, so takes me a while to recover from what would previously have been considered minor ailments. Having said that bigger ailments don’t seem to cause bigger problems and I’m rather proud of my Keith Richards constitution! But all’s well, and getting psyched-up for D&D photo shoots – watch this space!

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