Templeton’s Carpet Factory, Glasgow

Templeton’s Carpet Factory, Glasgow Green – William Leiper & George A Boswell (later extensions) – 1888-92 & 1928-37

OK, I know it isn’t all even 20th century, but this has to be one of the most stunning buildings in Glasgow. The factory was designed by William Leiper for the manufacture of Axminster carpets, and the Venetian style gothic block (top) was built between 1888 and 1892.  Behind the facade, the functional mill was designed by engineers, Messrs J B Harvey.  Part of it collapsed in 1889, killing 29 women in the adjacent weaving sheds.

Various wings were added over the years, and I’m posing in front of the two best. All the 1920s and 30s wings are designed by George Boswell. It was converted into a business centre in the 1980s.

On my trip to Templeton’s factory, I met some lovely ladies who were wondering what the chimney with the rising smoke across the green to the south was. Well, I can confirm that it is from the Allied Distillers plant in the Gorbals – I hope that helps!

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