Trinity Square car park

Trinity Square car park, Gateshead – Owen Luder – opened in 1969 (demolished 2010)

I know, I know – neither Art Deco or a factory. But this building is such a distinctive landmark that I couldn’t not strike a pose when I was in the area. The building was made famous due to its appearance in the most wonderful film Get Carter (the 1971 version, of course).

Built as the key feature in the Trinity Square shopping complex, the square-windowed viewing room on the top floor was designed as space for a restaurant/bar, but it was never used. I have to say I love this Brutalist building, but I’ve met lots of people who hate it! The site is owned by Tesco, and I understand that planning permission is in place to demolish and replace the whole area. You can read more about the site and its current status on the Risky Buildings and The Twentieth Century Society websites.

**update: sadly this building lost its fight and was demolished in 2010)**


  1. Kevin says

    I know this article is now six years old but I would like to add my view anyway. I recently bought the DVD, “Get Carter” and I found it to be dull, unexciting, and a possible cure for insomnia. Even for its day, it isn’t the kind of movie that jumps out and grabs the viewer; but more a typically subdued British film that comes across as being severely dehydrated. Add a drop of water to “Get Carter” and you end up with “The Sweeney”.

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