Carreras cigarette factory

Carreras Cigarette Factory (now Greater London House), Mornington Crescent, London -M.E and O.H Collins with A.G Porri – 1926-8

Back “on message”, this classic Deco factory is especially for those of you who were disgusted by my last Brutalist concrete entry!

On Hampstead Road, NW1, this was apparently the first factory in Britain to make use of pre-stressed concrete technology, the first to contain air conditioning and a dust extraction plant and the company was the first to provide full welfare services for its employees (all taken from Wikipedia, so not my words). After Carreras merged with Rothmans, and the building was sold in the 1960s the decorative facade was removed – including those bronze cats (not sphinxes). The building was restored in the late 1990s, and it houses the offices of a number of media companies.

Here is a not very good photo – you have to imagine the drunk man in his mobility chair distracting me just off camera bottom left, add to this my panicking PA, concerned we were going to miss our train from Euston, and you get the picture… – but I thought it would give you an idea of the geography of the building.


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